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Avalon Leisure's History

IMG_0017Avalon Leisure manages four leisure centres located in Frome, Wells, Street and Glastonbury as well as a Lido in Shepton Mallet, on behalf of Mendip District Council and in partnership with Western Community Leisure.

The Somerset-based leisure management group was founded in 1996 following a management buy-out of Wells Leisure Centre, Strode Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre and Shepton Mallet Lido. Having added Frome Leisure Centre to its already impressive portfolio in 2003 and more recently Tor Sports and Leisure Centre, the company has since developed a reputation as the foremost independent provider of leisure management solutions in the South West of England.

Catering for more than 3,000 Lifestyle Members, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of people who pass through the centres every year, Avalon Leisure’s facilities now rate amongst the very best in the region.

This excellent level of service has even led to national recognition; in 2011 Wells Leisure Centre and Frome Leisure Centre both received record high scores from Quest, the UK quality scheme for sport and leisure, designed primarily for the management of leisure facilities and leisure development.

Although each of the four centres managed by Avalon Leisure have enjoyed steady progress in recent years, their history actually extends far beyond the formation of the company in the mid-90’s; Shepton Mallet Lido even pre-dates the beginning of World War II, although it has undergone many developments since then!

Unsurprisingly, Strode Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre and Frome Leisure Centre are both much younger buildings, having been completed in the early 1970’s. Wells Leisure Centre, however, is the youngest of Avalon Leisure’s centres; having first opened to the public in 1991, the centre celebrated its 20th birthday in August 2011.

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