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Wells Leisure Centre Introduces Parkour

Wells Leisure Centre, managed by Avalon Leisure, has introduced a brand new parkour class aimed at young people aged 13 years and older.

Avalon Leisure recently received funding through the Somerset Youth Opportunity Fund to purchase equipment for this activity.

Parkour originated in France and can be defined as the art of moving through your environment as swiftly and efficiently as possible. It commonly involves running, jumping, vaulting, rolling and other similar physical movements. It requires a great deal of athleticism, strength, flexibility, balance, conditioning and dedication making it an excellent alternative to traditional sports and fitness activities.

Often associated with the inherent dangers of spectacular jumps between rooftops and chases featured in films and advertising, the focus of the classes will be to encourage participants to develop their skills at their own pace in a safe, controlled and friendly environment. The core message throughout the sessions will centre around the potential risks of parkour if practiced outside of the Leisure Centre.

The class will be held every Saturday between 2.00pm - 3.00pm and is open to anybody 13 years and over. Each session will cost £4.00 for under-16s and £4.50 for older participants.