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Fitness Suite Refurbishments

Avalon Leisure has recently invested £70,000 in the refurbishment of the Fitness Suites at Strode Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre and Frome Leisure Centre.

State of the art ‘Technogym’ equipment has been installed to replace the old equipment and offer customers a unique and enjoyable experience. The new range is fitted with innovative features that will contribute to the creation of a multisensory, interactive experience between the user and the equipment.

The Technogym EXCITE range we have selected at Strode, is fitted with innovative features such as -

  • Breezer – An integrated fan on the treadmill creates a pleasant breeze during the workout.
  • Quiet Equipment – The use of low-noise equipment in the gym makes training more enjoyable and relaxing.
  • Natural Contact – The plastics with which the user comes into contact during exercise are perfumed and gradually release a pleasant aroma.
  • Fast Track Control – The joystick speed control system integrated into the design of machines makes for a seamless shift of pace – allowing the user to keep concentrated on their technique and not the buttons on a screen.
  • Hand Sensors – Constant monitoring of heart rates can be achieved by simply placing your hands on the sensors attached to the equipment – making chest monitors a thing of the past.



At Frome we opted for the ELEMENT+ range of resistance equipment, which is equally as innovative and impressive. Special features on this range include -

  • Bioseat – The ergonomic seat and backrest are anatomically shaped to support the spinal column, and help users assume the correct posture during a work out.   
  • Hygienic Comfort – Simple, but effective – the towel locking device holds your towel in place so you don’t have to leave it lying around or draped over equipment.
  • Visual Set Up – The levers, buttons and pins are bright yellow so they can be easily spotted and adjusted.