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managementsolutionsAs an established and award winning leisure management company, Avalon Leisure offers a wide range of management and consultancy solutions to the public and private sectors. 

We believe in creating long term partnerships with our clients in order to provide the most effective leisure management solutions to meet their specific needs.

Whatever your leisure management requirement, our first job is to listen to you. It may be that you want to develop and expand your facilities, improve your management systems, or simply trade more profitably. Avalon Leisure will work with you, providing advice, helping you plan ahead, providing training and consultancy and helping you to improve performance - a total leisure management solution.

Unique Solutions

Avalon Leisure recognises that your leisure business is unique and should be treated as such. For this reason we take time to identify the individual characteristics of your business and facilities and how they best serve the needs of their markets.

Working closely with you, we will help determine the most appropriate management solution to achieve agreed objectives. We will tailor our service accordingly, ensuring that we always do what we say we will do and only make promises that we can keep.

The leisure business revolves around people - most importantly yours, and our customers. We pride ourselves on being a people-driven business employing a highly trained and proficient Team. Our people are a key part of our investment in your leisure business.

Solutions for Local Authorities – Providing Best Value

We understand the principles involved in offering Best Value solutions. We can help you achieve your best value objectives in the most effective way to meet your needs and achieve your specific performance targets.

We are in a strong position to help you address the criteria established for Best Value - Consult, Compare, Challenge and Compete.

Our record with Mendip District Council, in particular, is exemplary. We have significantly reduced the deficit funding required from the Council, whilst at the same time considerably improving the quality of service, resulting in a growth in revenue of 48% and an increase in attendances of 23% since 2003. A real ‘win-win’ outcome!

Leisure Trust – the ‘Not-for-Profit’ Option

By working with our existing clients we have already created an independent leisure ‘trust’ and registered charity; Western Community Leisure Limited. We are therefore able to offer a well established not-for-profit ‘trust’ option to other local authorities, in conjunction with Western Community Leisure, thus avoiding the necessity and considerable cost of creating a new trust.

Avalon Leisure has been successfully managing Mendip District Council’s leisure facilities in conjunction with Western Community Leisure since 2003.  


Whilst there are considerable advantages in operating through a not-for-profit trust, there are circumstances where other options can be more beneficial and cost-effective, particularly where capital investment is required. Avalon Leisure has considerable experience in the strategic planning and operation of leisure facilities under both more traditional and not-for-profit arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the various options with you, without obligation.

Swimming pool operators will be well aware of the HSE’s guidance document 'The Management of Health and Safety in Swimming Pools'. Failure to comply with this guidance may result in a serious accident or injury, with the likelihood of legal claims and even prosecution.

Similarly, any organisation offering swimming tuition (including schools) should now be operating to the British Standards Institute (BSI) Specification regarding the management and operation of swimming schools (Publicly Available Statement 81) that Avalon Leisure initially helped to produce. Even just the cost of defending any such claims can be considerable – and successful ones potentially catastrophic.

As well as offering a direct ‘hands-on’ management service the company can also provide an independent consultancy and management support service to facility operators in areas such as quality assured management systems, health and safety, business and marketing planning, staff training and development, energy conservation, utility procurement, and pool maintenance and refurbishment.

Where pool safety and operating procedures are in need of improvement, for example, we are able to offer Avalon Leisure’s policies and procedures, specifically adapted to each facility, under a supported licence agreement. This has proven particularly valuable to independent leisure trusts and schools.

If interested, or if you have a specific requirement, contact us for a free initial visit and consultation. A list of previous clients and references can be supplied upon request.   

Fulfilling your customers' expectations is essential, whether you operate in the private or public sectors. Our role is to ensure that on your behalf we provide the services your customers require, making optimum use of the available resources.